Development Finance

Excellent cost and viability management

Financial services - an essential tool to deliver sucessful projects

Infrastructure & development can only take place where it is affordable and viable. This group therefore provides expert help in the form of project cost estimating, viability appraisals, cashflow planning and economics. Employed from an early stage in a project, these services help decision making and ensure our clients achieve expected returns.

At the core, this team provides cost estimating and management services for major development and infrastructure initiatives, often controlling budgets amounting to many hundreds of million pounds. However, sound project finance extends well beyond traditional cost control, into more specialist areas of project viability, CIL appraisals, cost benefit analysis and systems to drive improved project performance.

Our financial control group has tools designed to undertake rigorous analysis and monitoring throughout the project lifecycle to meet institutional compliance requirements. 

We have unparalleled experience in development finance, which means the Brookbanks finance group is an ideal project partner for developers, finance businesses, local authorities and government agencies.

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Case Study

North East Bridgwater

At North East Bridgwater, Brookbanks was appointed by the Henry Boot Group plc early in the process to build financial appraisals for this 2,000 home and 1.2 million sq.ft commercial development opportunity.

Having a development value of over £500 million, Brookbanks helped set and control the project budget and ultimately deliver the scheme within the established figure. Throughout the project, ongoing viability management and reporting was essential for the plc board and the company’s auditors.

The company also helped with the financial inputs to Government funding bids, which were successful in attracting funds from HCA Kickstart 2.