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Often considered separately by other consultants as Sustainability Statements and Energy Statements, Brookbanks efficiently combine these reports for cost reductions to Clients without detriment to the Planning Application.  Quite the opposite, combining them conveys the vital message and requirements for these interdependent subjects.

Our Energy Team covers:

Net Zero Assessments

Sustainability and Energy Appraisals


Covers all environmental aspects of the proposed development project, including, but not necessarily limited to, future buildings performance, flood alleviation and drainage, ecology, water conservation, construction activities, and waste. Therefore, if you've employed us to cover these aspects, we'll seamlessly incorporate important aspects to show cross-cutting sustainability themes are picked up and exploited. If you are using other consultants for these, we will review their outputs and incorporate, or if missing or underexploited work on your behalf to ensure the sustainability credentials are covered.


Closely related to Buildings Regulations (mainly Approved Documents Parts F, L, O and S) and will cover SAP, renewable energy, etc. to consider carbon dioxide emissions.
You’ll need a SES for all aspects of planning, including Outline.  As more detailed design work progresses, the information contained within the SES will be refined, including eventually to cover SAP Calculations.
The outputs can substantially affect the masterplan, as designing for maximum solar efficiency, within urban design limitations, is crucial.  Therefore, the earlier one can be done the better.
Although there are requirements that need to be covered to comply with the NPPF, every SES will be bespoke to the LPA requirements, individually addressing the Local Policies that may be in place.
A SES is becoming more important as the preliminary step to ensuring that Future Homes Standards will be met for schemes with residential dwellings completing after 2025.  This again may have implications to the masterplan.
Technical Director, Highways, Environmental and Transition Group

Dr Richard Boyle

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Graduate Consultant

Shannon Warr

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Project Consultant

Siobhan McGlynn

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