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We can assist with your concerns regarding ground condition, be they contamination or geotechnical.

As a minimum requirement for planning, we can prepare a Preliminary Risk Assessment (often referred to as ‘Desktop’ or ‘Phase 1’) through detailed review of desktop information and site reconnaissance, to establish the site and it’s locality environmental setting, historical uses, and likely types of contamination that may be present and risks that may arise following Environment Agency and LPA guidance.
We can also cover likely geotechnical implications for foundation design.
We will advise you if there are any risks involved in gaining planning, abnormal requirements for remediation, and/or foundation design, and other impacts for development.
Unlike other consultants, who state they are experts in this field but have few staff to resource, we have industry experts who have written the guidance others follow. Therefore, we will use the Preliminary Risk Assessment to design intrusive site investigations and risk assessments that are sufficient to requirements, without leaving you at risk or that are unnecessarily excessive and expensive and use our detailed knowledge of specific companies to seek the ones most appropriate for the risks, contaminants, and locality to ensure we can save clients money.
Following on from this, if remediation or other mitigation measures are required (e.g. ground gas protection measure in buildings) we will assist to ensure these are adequately specified, tendered, and managed, linking with our Cost and Commercial Team.
Senior Consultant – Utilities

Adam Melia

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Technical Director, Highways, Environmental and Transition Group

Dr Richard Boyle

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