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We aid in the optimisation of water, pollution reduction, and promote environmental sustainability to benefit communities across the UK. Moreover, we possess the necessary experience, expertise in technical matters and legislative insight to develop practical water and environmental strategies that meet regulatory requirements.

We strive to establish a client-centred, Director-driven partnership that prioritises providing value, innovation, and professionalism.

We possess a comprehensive understanding of infrastructure and flood risk engineering, which allows us to offer technical assistance during land acquisition, site promotion, master planning, outline preparation, planning applications, detailed design, and technical approvals.

Our engineers and consultants come from industry and regulatory backgrounds and bring their experience to develop practical solutions that meet regulatory expectations.

Every development must focus on managing flood risks. Brookbanks are experts in managing risks from all sources, including tidal, fluvial, surface water, groundwater, and water mains failure.
Effective management of flood risk requires a comprehensive understanding of the current and potential future conditions. Through the understanding of current and future flood mechanisms, our team can determine the risk to a proposed development over its projected lifespan, and then determine optimal ways to mitigate flood risks. This approach is known as resilience engineering. By doing this, we can convert a potential restriction into an enormous opportunity, guaranteeing that the proposed new development is safeguarded in addition to protecting surrounding areas.
Using specialist software packages, our team of experienced hydrologists and hydraulic modellers can generate incredible solutions. Our approach is centred on sustainability and we guarantee that our innovative solutions are long-lasting, even with the potential consequences of climate change.
Our top-notch professionals are well-versed in the statutory requirements concerning flood risk and have established positive connections with major stakeholders, including water utilities, local planning authorities, and the Environment Agency.

These relationships have helped us provide extra value for the benefit of our clients and their projects. Our approach involves providing client assistance to identify significant issues and develop strategies for mitigating key effects with relevant stakeholders. The utilisation of an informal, partnered approach to stakeholder engagement has enabled us to obtain approvals early and eliminate major risks for our clients, ultimately resulting in maximum value.

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Principal Consultant - Hydrology

Alejandro Marcotegui

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Technical Director, Highways, Environmental and Transition Group

Dean Swann

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Project Consultant – Flood Risk and Drainage

Katherine Miller

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