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The issue of Nutrient Neutrality has been holding up development for over four years now. Whilst legislation, guidance and discussion around the topic is ongoing, Brookbanks is here to provide UK leading expertise and advice on how your development can navigate this.

Since 2019 new residential development has been stymied by this issue in areas all across England and Wales. in a nutshell, Natural England are requiring an Appropriate Assessment to demonstrate that development has a nil detriment “no harm” impact on national and international recognized habitats, which are considered to be in a state of deterioration. Currently 74 LPA’s are affected with more in Wales. As the issue is predominantly caused by two sources. Namely foul water discharge from Water Company Waste Water Treatment Plants and Agriculture. It is therefore not an issue easily addressed by Developers, who have no direct means to affect the outfall its quality or its future improvements from either of the main polluters.

The Solution

To begin to address the issue, assessing the impact from your site is key and ensuring you take stock of all the advantages you development may possess in reducing or even securing a solution for part or all of your site. Brookbanks have already helped both large players and SME's alike in the industry consider their proposals and how they might address this issue, ranging from a singe dwelling to a large strategic development in the 1000's of new homes.

From Wetlands to Orchards

The nutrient team at Brookbanks are specialists in the area of providing innovative solutions in gaining partial or full approval for Nutrient Neutral approaches. We have secured planning for a development in Somerset where the site "Credits" have been produced by a mixture of on site fallowing and wetlands, taking advantage of a nearby water course which has been shown to have high nutrient levels. we have also fallowed land owned by a client who also secured an orchard on that land and was approved by Natural England as part of the scheme. Not all SUDS are equal and from simply manipulation of on site works, Brookbanks have shown an increase in reduction of phosphates from a site can be increased substantial with little cost or land NDA implications.

Why Brookbanks

As a company we are involved in schemes in all the affected catchments across England and Wales, so are in a unique position in terms of experience and connections with the appropriate Authorities. We have also been commended on several occasions by Natural England on our approach to reporting on the subject, often covering new ground from a planning and technical perspective to the Nutrient Neutrality issue and our reports being offered externally as the exemplar way to present the data. Finally we are engaged by industry Federations such as the HBF to assist and provide evidence to the Government in an attempt to address this issue at a national policy level so that the industry has clear guidance and is not hampered by this issue in the future.

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