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Through planning policy requirements, developers are required to engage early on viability issues during the initial planning process. Sites must also demonstrate that they can be brought forward with a suitable level of contribution to the local community, whilst delivering an acceptable level of profit for the developer.

In today’s world of cost inflation and scarcity of suitable land it essential to benchmark and appraise sites as early as possible in the planning and development lifecycle.

Brookbanks is in a unique position of being able to advise landowners, land promoters, and developers at every stage of development on both costs and viability using our innovative tools and our cradle to grave approach. We utilise our in-house specialist teams comprised of experts who can deliver cost effective and reliable advice.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that decisions made during the planning process result in deliverable and cost-effective schemes for our clients. Without this, planning consents risk being gained without the true cost and buildability of a scheme being fully appraised.

Please contact us for more information on what we can do to assist your scheme.

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