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Also known as Master Developers, we lead major development and infrastructure projects for you, putting a plan in place, pushing the boundaries of the possible and helping to deliver your ambitions.

Major developments have a lot of moving parts, and we’re the glue that holds those parts together. After establishing our common goals, we’ll work tirelessly to achieve them with open communication and a holistic approach.

We are expert thinkers, problem solvers and value drivers. The strength of our team means we can provide different services as necessary, including site selection, planning, and procurement, as well as overseeing and controlling budgets to ensure the development remains within the agreed scope.

Through collaboration, innovation and unrivalled expertise, we generate maximum value for our clients. We know when to take the lead and we know when to open the floor; it’s a delicate mix that we have mastered time and again.

We work in partnership with our clients; our team delivers all our services in-house – that means you have a direct line to us at all times, without having to deal with outsourced, external companies that make things more complicated. This connection means we can build an effective relationship that makes for a smoother process; we tailor our business around yours, developing a bespoke working arrangement that suits the project and its deliverables.

You’ll have access to our top talent for the duration of the project, and we’ll continually strive to find forward-thinking solutions to complex problems. We aim to provide the level of confidence that comes with knowing you have a totally reliable, committed business in your corner, no matter what your project needs or what type of challenge arises.

Our core responsibility is driving forward:

  • The physical infrastructure (inc. roads, drainage networks, utilities, and earthworks).
  • The social infrastructure (schools, open spaces, local centres, and public buildings).

The aim of this outcome-focused role is to:

  • Produce serviced land parcels for our clients to either build out themselves or sell on the market.
  • Maximise land values.
  • Enhance market attractiveness for the land and reduce purchasing developer’s risk.
  • Facilitate sector-wide market absorption and faster sales rates.
  • Deliver great places for future homeowners and occupiers.

With us in this role, our partners can remain focused on their area of specialisation.

What makes us different in our Development Partner role?

We are expert thinkers, problem solvers and value drivers. The Brookbanks’ difference lies in our blend of expertise, experience and capability and the way we bring them together.

Unlike other businesses in our sector, we have people on our team with years of developer‐side experience, which means we’re perfectly positioned to advise and act on any development project. We are also the only Development Partner who provides all their services in‐house; when you work with us, you’re not dealing with external, outsourced contractors – you’ll have us, a team within your team.

The breadth and depth of our team anchors our services in:

Land & Planning





Health & Safety

Sales & Marketing


The Brookbanks approach to major development delivery

The strategic direction and principles are agreed within a Project Board, containing principal members of the client team, key stakeholders and the Brookbanks leads. After establishing our common goals, we’ll work tirelessly to achieve them with open communication and a holistic approach.

What types of schemes do we work on?

We work on residential, commercial, mining, retail and pure infrastructure schemes of all sizes. The role can cover projects of 50-home developments, right up to 10,000-home new settlements.

The Brookbanks


We’ll always strive to deliver the Brookbanks difference; innovating throughout every project, maximising value, minimising costs and hitting key delivery timescales. We’ll always work hard to help you hit your financial, social and environmental targets

The Brookbanks Difference