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Annabel Le Lohe

Associate - Development and Planning


Annabel is the Development and Planning Manager at Brookbanks with a diverse planning promotion and permission background across housing, commercial, education and health sectors. She is a Chartered Town Planner committed to designing planning strategies that secure the best results for our clients, unlocking development potential and creating well-designed communities that are deliverable. 

Annabel manages and provides planning advice for a number of Brookbanks’ major development projects, varying from options stages on Minerals and Waste projects to the design development of housing schemes and delivery of community facilities. 

Annabel’s keen involvement with multiple industry organisations provides an invaluable asset to clients, understanding wider opportunities and challenges in planning and development from the early stages of a project.  

Did you know? 

  • Annabel is a budding baker and cocktail maker and frequently plays mini-golf. 
  • Ask Annabel about her adventure to Canada and the USA!  

Projects Involved In: