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Andy Eggleston

Principal Highways and Transportation Consultant


Andy is a Charted Engineer and a Principal Consultant at Brookbanks, with an extensive background in Transport Planning. He has a wealth of experience in delivering substantial mixed-used developments and identifying modelling protocols that result in maximising reductions in external trip generation, focusing outbound trips on sustainable modes which results in the best results for our clients. 

Andy also leads on quantitative noise assessments.  Andy has completed an extensive number of assessments on a range of different developments, including residential, employment and leisure land uses. The assessment has been carried out in support of planning applications to confirm that acceptable acoustic environments can be delivered. In addition to this, Andy has carried out noise assessments in order to discharge pre-commencement planning conditions. 

Through a 20+ year career, Andy has worked on developments at all stages within the planning process. Andy has been instrumental in first supporting schemes from inception (Call for Sites) all the way through the planning application process and into the commencement stages. As well as working with industry-standard tools including Linsig, Junctions10, TRICS, TEMPro, Paramics, VISUM and SATURN, Andy has developed bespoke tools that investigate internalisation within developments and tools that assess viability of public transport service enhancements.       

Did you know? 

  • Andy is a Nottingham Forest fan and can solve a Rubik’s Cube. 

Projects Involved In: