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The Brookbanks Commercial Team work for our clients on a full breadth of development and infrastructure schemes across the UK. Working closely with our in house Technical and Production teams they drive value, find opportunities and ensure effective deliverability. We support our clients by providing a proactive and innovative approach to the management of cost and value at each stage of the development lifecycle.

Some of the services we deliver include:

Feasibility studies: We offer bespoke tools for early stage viability appraisals on any scheme to demonstrate returns on investments.

Cost planning: We establish realistic and measured budgets, using our wealth of experience and our in house Brookbamks benchmarking tools using live data from comparable projects around the country.

Procurement: Our ultimate aim is to protect our clients’ interests whilst providing the conditions for the appointed teams to deliver Value Engineered solutions. We drive tenders on your behalf to effectively open up sites for development and deliver serviced parcels for the strongest financial returns, including tender appraisals and normalisation, negotiation on terms, preparing documents for placing contracts and streamlining the coordination consultant appointments and novations.

Contract Administration: Once Contracts are let our experienced project delivery experts will manage the Contract to deliver your schemes on time and within budget.

Cost Management: We maintain strong reporting against planned progress, from a physical and financial perspective, to ensure that the client team remains fully informed and aware of the value enhancement options.

Meet our Cost and Commercial Leadership Team

Group Director of Cost and Commercial / Head of South West Office

Anthony Brown

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Group Commercial Director, Cost and Commercial Group

Jon White

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Senior Associate Director, Cost and Commercial Group

Mark Miller

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