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Richard Darlow

Production Director, Development Management Group


Trained with Wimpey Construction based out of the Midlands region. 

Richard is the Production Director at Brookbanks, with a strong background in Construction Management delivering key strategic developments. He’s driven to produce the best results for our clients in respect of key deadlines in the most effective construction methods and management. Programming best practices to ensure production elements are driven to meet clients’ requirements.  

Richard forms a key role within the Development Team delivering major development projects from key design approval to management of completed developments and their associated infrastructure. This involvement provides key infrastructure for residential, mixed use and commercial operations including, utility provision retail, primary and secondary schools. 

Through a 43+ year career, Richard has worked on some of the largest structures managing the construction and production teams, assisting in the designing and delivering major development sites across the UK, the Middle East and Europe. Richard is currently focused on delivering large infrastructure for new towns and completion of live development sites and new communities.  

This lifecycle experience has been invaluable for high-quality project management, ensuring the balance of quality and quantity. Richard prides himself in encouraging his staff to excel in their roles and providing a very personal relationship with our clients. 

Did you know? 

  • Richard is a motorcyclist and has been for 43 years.
  • Richard is a keen golfer, often taking to the course with his two children and three grandchildren.
  • Ask Richard about his time spent working in Latvia developing fully finished, 10-storey modular buildings and exporting them to the UK market. 

Projects Involved In: