Environment & Highways

Environment & Highways

Helping deliver a sustainable future for our clients and communities

The Environment and Highways Teams at Brookbanks are recognised as a sector leader in areas such as Highways assessments and modelling, flood risk and alleviation, drainage, noise, air, sustainability, utilities, land remediation and ground engineering.  The business supports many blue chip organisations and public bodies in delivering holistic and sustainable solutions.

These teams also provides a wide range of other environmental services, including acoustics, energy, air quality, utilities, lighting and waste management, to assist land, property and infrastructure promoters and commercial industry in their activities.

Our sustainability specialists advise on matters such as renewable energy supplies, water management and building /infrastructure sustainability to meet standards such as the Code for Sustainable Homes and BREEAM.

Our Environment and Highways teams therefore have the skills to help ensure compliance with guidance and legislation and to develop appropriate mitigation strategies to support development.

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Case Study

Flood Alleviation: Warwick

Brookbanks led the assessment, design and implementation management for this flooding alleviation scheme that removed over 1,000 homes from floodplain.

Stratford Road Culvert

Having identified the potential to deliver significant community benefits through detailed hydrological modelling, the company worked closely with the local authorities and environmental agencies to design and deliver a scheme that not only reduced flood risk, but also supports valuable environmental and landscape enhancements.