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Our Highways, Environment and Transition Group has built an enviable reputation across our industry as leading providers of a variety of services with the aim of securing land allocations and planning permissions.

From highway and transport assessments to masterplan appraisals, our wide-ranging portfolio of services means we can help to ensure your project adheres to all relevant local and national regulations and guidelines.

Our services include:

You can rely on our expertise through all stages of the project, from land sourcing, due diligence to land promotion, application and appeals.

Highway and Transportation Assessments and modelling

Flood risk, drainage strategy/assessments and river modelling

Noise and Vibration Assessments

Air Quality Assessments

Utility assessments & supplies

Travel Plan Coordination

Sustainability and Energy Appraisals

Net Zero Assessments

Ground conditions and contamination

Lighting impact assessments

GIS Digital Mapping

Waste management plans

Construction and Environmental Management Plans (CEMPs)

Nutrient and water neutrality

Environmental impact assessments

Preliminary site appraisals

Masterplan appraisals

Expert Witness in all areas

Our Transition Service

A crucial part of the success of all new developments is the transition from securing a planning permission to on-site delivery.

After securing planning permission – often after years of hard work – it is this important stage where land disposals are made by land promoters and landowners, and site purchases and Reserved Matters applications are made by commercial and residential developers. For homebuilders, there’s often an internal transition where the site moves from Strategic Land teams through to Business Unit development teams.

As with any period of change or transition, it is this part of the development cycle where development programmes are often challenged or delayed and margins can be eroded. During these times of transition, careful management and review of information is also fundamental to great outcomes for project owners.

Listening to the needs of our clients and partners

This is a role we have undertaken in many guises for a significant number of years, and we’ve now formalised an established role within this growing section of our business and set up our Transition team. This team blends skill sets across technical, planning, engineering, commercial and production disciplines with a drive to seek out risks, secure appropriate mitigation and find the most cost-effective and deliverable solutions.

What is the role of our Transition team?

The work often is initiated by reviewing and critiquing existing technical work undertaken, seeing it through to planning permission, making next stage recommendations to secure the programme and minimise development costs. Key areas of this work can include:

Highways strategy and costs reviews

Utility strategy and supplier agreements

Foundations and earthworks recommendations

Drainage strategy review and recommendations

The Brookbanks Transition team work closely with our clients and partners and the Brookbanks Land and Development Management teams to drive the best value from the land disposal and site planning/implementation strategies.

Where the Transition team is working on our clients’ development projects as part of major development disposal strategies, the team produces focused site disposal packs which offer clear technical strategies and associated costs for purchasers.

Contact us to find out more about our Transition team and how we can assist your scheme.

Technical Director, Highways, Environmental and Transition Group

Dean Swann

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Technical Director, Highways, Environmental and Transition Group

Dr Richard Boyle

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Group Director for Highways, Environment and Transition

Lee Witts

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Technical Director of Utilities, Highways, Environment and Transition Group

Mat Capper

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Director of Transportation

Melanie A'Lee

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